These Online Guys Can Really Play

Since the explosion of online poker, there have been many “old” pro’s who have made snide remarks at us online players. Many talk about how it “aint real poker” or “they would get their ass kicked in a real game with top players”.

Maybe some would…..but many prove their metal and I also would like to add that many of these so called big named live players have done bundles in online (no names). They are two totally different environments but it is more than possible for a top online player to make it big playing live and vice versa of course.

But I would just like to say a big congratulations to Thomas Bihl who has recently won the WSOPE HORSE event beating an all star field in the process. The guy is better known as “Buzzer” on Betfair and has been a top player for some time, so good that Betfair sponsored him.

I was surprised to see him win the HORSE event because his big thing is SNG’s but it just goes to show the strength in depth of many online players and their abilities. Believe you me, Buzzer is far from being on his own.

There are many online pro’s who I refuse to tangle with at limit hold’em simply because I cannot ascertain any meaningful flaws in their games. The poker world are not aware of who they are but their games are something else.

Players like Brian Townsend and Prahlad Friedman amongst others have become very well known in their own right. In fact Townsend regularly plays in the biggest NL and PLO games on FT against the very best in the world.

But making $100,000 a year online is still no big deal if you have the correct clubs in your bag and the top players earn seven figures. It is the players further down the food chain who are struggling as was mentioned in a previous post.

But the biggest winners on average are online players, they may not be the most known, they may not have big deals with online sites that subsidise their tournament play but they do have one thing going for them…..tons of ability and they are dangerous as hell because the world at large dont know who the hell they are.

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