The Books did the business….for once!

Don’t get me wrong here because you can get an awful lot of knowledge from any book and poker is no different. But in order to reach the top in any field then simply reading from books is not going to cut it.

But…..those two books that are mentioned in a previous blog have really got me back on track mentally. Could not get a suitable game in the 25-50 but played in a very good 10-20 NL and won just over $5000 over the space of the weekend.

In fact I put quite a few hours in on Saturday and Sunday, stopping only to eat, sleep, watch the England vs Israel game and the Grand Prix. So life is good today.

Became a regular writer for The Hendon Mob last week and will be appearing on their home page every week (Thursday) from now on talking about strategy for limit and NL hold’em hold’em. You can see them at

Talking of strategy, we touched on bluffing last time I think. Well as a continuation of that, flop texture is a vital part of bluffing as well. For instance if you open raise from the seat to the left of UTG in a 6-MAX with 9-9 and get two callers after you plus the big blind then you need to slowdown with most flops.

Three opponents, bad position and a bad flop makes it even worse. Look at the difference here with a K-7-2 rainbow board. If no one has a king (or even if they do), a flop bet could take this as you represented a hand like AK before the flop.

But contrast that to a flop like K-Q-J with two of a suit…..oh dear. You can try and represent AK now but dont hold your breath that a flop bet is going to take this down with that kind of flop.

So you really need to pay attention to flop textures and how they specifically fit in with other factors such as number of opponents, your pre-flop action, their pre-flop action, stack sizes, position etc etc. When it all comes together, you will get a very good indication of not just when to bluff but when to continuation bet as well.

 Take care

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