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You bet your life that online poker is getting tougher, I recently viewed a statistic that said that only 9% were making it pay over the long term whatever “long term” means.

But I have spoken to a few people recently who even doubt the validity of that figure and think that it is nearer 5% and several people on The Hendon Mob forum seem to agree. To be honest I was not aware of the latest figures but  certainly felt that the figure was less than 10% for sure.

This goes to show that it is more important than ever before to make “quality” far more important than “quantity” and is a reason why I do not multi-table very often. Back in 2002 and 2003, I used to play 50/60 hours a week but I feel that this is no longer possible as game selection becomes critical the higher up that you go.

With the explosion of interest in poker came an explosion of poker tutorial material and even the sites themselves are educating players because at the end of the day, they do not like players getting blown out by Sharks or through ignorance and want a levelling of the playing field.

Cannot fault them for that, just good business practice but it does highlight the point that todays online poker player needs to be better than they have ever been in order to be successful.

Get educated or get broke….its tough either way.

take care

The Dean

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