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A few people have approached me recently to ask about the importance of aggression in poker and how crucial is it. Well it is very important and I am not going to contradict the messages that are in the books and everywhere else.

But blind aggression can be a terrible weakness and especially against good players and it has to be said that the players are getting better online week by week. You simply need to get your ratio of folding to raising correct.

This really only comes with experience but if you raise too much against decent players then you are going to get played back at and as for bluffing in those circumstances then forget it. I get away with an awful lot of bluffs both in limit and NL simply because my play creates the belief in my opponents minds that I have a hand more often than I actually do.

It is a fine line because a total nit will get respect whenever they raise but they are playing too tight and will slowly starve to death in many games. Being aggressive is easy, any fool can be aggressive. It is knowing when to be aggressive and how often that are the key issues here.

There are no easy answers to this question except that you will know when the time is right when you can “feel” what is the correct thing to do.

I have been playing well below the 25-50NL this week although I must point out that I do not always play at that level….far from it. There are some very good players in those games that I will not tangle with unless there are one or two easy targets on that table.

I spend more time watching that game these days than actually playing in it and I only dip my beak when it is really juicy. Been active on the 3-6 NL this week and done OK and also had a couple of good sessions in 30-60 limit although one of the games was very tough and I should have left but I got on a rush of hands.

Looking forward to the weekend, might just do something normal for a change.

See you soon

The Dean

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