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I must take this opportunity to comment on the overall effectiveness of joining a very good poker forum when it comes to improving your game. I joined the Hendon Mob forum in early Feb this year and it has improved my game quite a bit.

There are some very knowledgable people on that site and it is always good to see informed views and opinions of other people. I have learnt stuff about certain poker sites especially, that I did not know beforehand.

2+2 is another great forum for technical content but I like the English feel of the Hendon Mobs.

So anyway, back to the poker, followed on from the weekend with two more decent sessions at limit hold’em. Won 22BB in a $30-$60 game and another 17BB in a $15-$30 game on Monday.

Lost about $500 on Tuesday and went back to play early this morning and crushed a $10-$20 for over 80BB in under four hours. But what was pleasant about those games was the fact that my mind was in the right place and the bad beats (of which there are many in limit and especially at 10-20) did not even get to me even when I was tired although I should have stopped at that point.

Just also like to say good luck to all of the English and European players competing in the WSOPE and a special well done to Joe Beevers who made the final table in the H.O.R.S.E event.

Catch up soon

The Dean

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