With the advent of the internet, certain types of poker have become ever more popular. No Limit and Limit poker has increased in popularity and also tournament poker as it is this form of the game that is so heavily marketed. But one of the most popular forms of tournament poker at this present time and especially online are single table tournaments or SNG’s for short.

Over in no more than an hour, they can be played by anyone that does not have the time or inclination to play cash games or longer and bigger tournaments. It is obvious to see why they are so popular and they can be played for various amounts of money and can be played for serious profit if you can master the correct way of playing them.

Professional poker player, coach and author Carl “The Dean” Sampson shows you how in his new explosive e-book…CRUSHING ONLINE SINGLE TABLE TOURNAMENTS! In this easily downloadable e-book, “The Dean” shows you how to approach these quick fire games and turn them into a serious revenue stream by presenting the reader with clearly defined strategies and objectives that shows you just how to play at every single stage of the tournament.

For those of you who are unaware of the credentials of “The Dean”, feel free to read up a bit more about him in the “Meet the Dean” section of the site. But at this present time, Carl is one of the most profitable online players in Europe and an expert on single table tournament play. In fact “The Deans” style of play is so powerful and so effective that the e-book is endorsed by non other than former WORLD POKER CHAMPION AND FOUR TIME WORLD SERIES WINNER TOM MCEVOY.

We have teamed up with Tony G Poker for a fantastic special offer! Simply deposit $40 or more into Tony G Poker Room, and receive Crushing Online Single Table Tournaments, several free gifts + 100% matching bonus from Tony G! –  the reader will rapidly catapult themselves into the category of player that your opponents will dread and fear in these types of games. As if that is not enough, you will also get access to several FREE gifts as well as direct access to a personal poker forum where you can chat and talk poker with other members as well as “The Dean” himself… absolutely invaluable golden extra. So do yourself what could turn out to be one of the biggest favours in your poker career to date and get yourself armed to the teeth with CRUSHING ONLINE SINGLE TABLE TOURNAMENTS.

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