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Well it is never too late to go over old ground and I am certainly no egotist when it comes to admitting that I have made a right hash of things. Lately my discipline has been an absolute crock of dung and I have been busting a gut over the last 96 hours trying to find out why.

I dont think that simply taking a break will do the trick but I tell you what, I am in a far better frame of mind on Wednesday evening than I was on Saturday afternoon I can tell you. I always feel that talking about things helps you to not only come to terms with whatever is wrong but to also find the answers as well.

I have long thought that you can easily find great examples of how to proceed and act in poker from non poker related fields and this subject of game theory fascinates me and has done for some time. But I tell you what, I have read two books on the stock market and trading over the past 4 days and all I can say is this.

If I had read those books last month or even last week instead of this then I would be a few grand richer today I can tell you. Those books were “Come into my Trading Room” by Dr Alexander Elder and “The Way to Trade” by John Piper.

Those two books, both written by market professionals clearly underline the meaning of the word “professionalism”……a term that I have been struggling with over these past few weeks. I cannot believe that I have been mentally snapped back into place in such a short space of time… was quite flukey really that I read them this quickly.

But they highlighted certain mental techniques that I have taken on board that I am confident will drag me back into playing in a far more professional way than I have been of late.

My poker world is not falling into ruins after all….The Dean is back…..lock up your bankrolls.

Seriously, the world feels good today. The money lost…..well that was just a lesson that I learned the hard way but it sure as hell will not be repeated because if it ever does then I am packing the game in and you have not heard me wrong….I mean it.

The Dean

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